Openings & Closures The consumer remains at the heart of Tetra Pak’s latest closure designs, which provide a superior beverage experience both at home and on-the-go. Consumer innovation is built on the understanding that beverage makers demand highly competitive, cost-efficient solutions and the new Tetra Pak screw caps help producers improve their offering in a number of ways.

Global demographic shifts are driving changes to the ways, times and places in which people enjoy their beverages. More and more consumers are leading busy lives away from the home, both in their professional and leisure time. DreamCap is designed specifically to meet the growing demand from consumers who want to enjoy their liquid dairy products (LDP) and juice, nectars and still drinks (JNSD) on-the-go.

Following usability testing in four markets, DreamCap is designed to meet consumer demand for comfort, convenience and style. DreamCap’s raised neck and the over-the-edge opening fit the face and lips, while a large 26mm diameter provides the preferred way to consume the beverage by giving the consumer improved control over the flow of liquid.

Consumer feedback shows that DreamCap is appealing as an innovative and modern design, easy and comfortable to drink from, highly portable, simple to dispose of and safe.

DreamCap is available on the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330 ml package.

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HeliCap HeliCap is a one-step screw cap that brings convenience and confidence to consumers. Initially aimed at the drink-at-home market, it has been developed to combine easy-to-open functionality with noticeable security features. HeliCap has a good grip, a clearly visible tamper evidence ring and concentrates a low opening force on the first turn of the cap — enough for the consumer to feel the tamper ring breaking.

The use of advanced Pre-Laminated Hole (PLH) based packaging materials allow for a simplified filling machine set up resulting in higher line efficiency. This, combined with reduced glue consumption by nearly 50 per cent, lowers overall production costs.

It is the first time a cutter-based closure has been applied to PLH packaging materials on the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1-litre Slim range.

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